Positioning you for professional success is my #1 priority as The Job Monger. Trust me, I’m pretty obsessed about the outcome of your professional goals. Like Hamilton obsessed.

In addition to the real talk and cool vibes I send out into the universe via this blog, I’d love to help you realize your career goals through hands-on, personalized resume writing services.

The Resume Revamp:

The average resume gets six seconds from a recruiter. Make yours worth a double take.

Get everything you need to hold their attention and land your dream job with the Resume Revamp. All Resume Revamps include:

  • 360° Evaluation

Up close and personal: Get honest, constructive feedback on your current resume to sharpen your resume-building skills for years to come.

  • Discovery Session

It takes two to make a thing go right: This collaborative brainstorming process ensures that your resume is a powerful endorsement of your career achievements to-date.

  • Comprehensive Editing

Where the magic happens: Line by line, word by word, your resume is transformed until it’s absolutely worthy of serious facetime. No fluff, just the good stuff.

  • Complementary Formatting and Template

More than words: Make a lasting impression with an eye-catching format and template tailored for your skills and industry.

The Resume Revamp is not a one-and-done service. It takes a uniquely holistic approach to preparing you for your next big professional move.

I value you as a client but even more as a fellow human being determined to reach their goals. I take time to learn your priorities and offer ongoing help such as job listings relevant to your interests.

Unless otherwise stated, the Resume Revamp is $129. Get your Resume Revamp now.