Welcome to The Job Monger! Like every superhero, my identity as The Job Monger has a popcorn-worthy origin story, but TL;DR, I created this website to be the all-in-one resource for “Millennials” looking for actionable advice to landing their first full-time job or even their next one.

But The Job Monger is more than a practical repository of professional do’s and don’t’s – it’s a community of support and wellness. It’s the balance I wished I had during the slog of my post-college job search.

Days, weeks, months, years – no matter how long it’s been, you can turn it around. I hope that you find the encouragement and motivation to cast insecurities aside and grab your job search by the horns right here and now.

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Can’t wait to help you on your journey to your dream job!


aka The Job Monger