Unless your career plans involve becoming a viral social media sensation and ending up on Ellen, no other major social media platform will boost your professional prospects more than LinkedIn.

Knowing how to use LinkedIn has directly helped me land multiple jobs and career opportunities so I decided to write this post to share LinkedIn resume tips and reveal how to network on LinkedIn.

Although its value varies by profession, LinkedIn’s appeal spans the business world. A solid profile on LinkedIn can fast-track your credibility as you enter or re-enter the job market. Unfortunately, many recent college graduates (and let’s be real, plenty of professionals, period) are stuck when it comes to learning how to use LinkedIn to get a job and focus instead on job application components, such their resumes. But while a resume is essential – and The Job Monger can help you craft a winning one – LinkedIn can be a powerful asset to your job search as well.

By knowing how to use LinkedIn and tap into the resources of the world’s largest professional network, you can set yourself up for success not only when it comes to landing your next job, but also for years to come. Here are some LinkedIn tips to make sure you are getting the most out of your profile and network:

Take the time to fill out your entire LinkedIn profile

This may sound obvious but many people neglect to complete their profile, leaving a lot of unused online real estate to describe their professional value. LinkedIn has great onboarding for new users – follow their steps for a successful LinkedIn profile and you’ll be glad you did.

Invest in a quality headshot

Dropping money on a professional headshot can be tough when you’re trying to get on your feet, but if you have the resources to invest in a headshot for LinkedIn or can barter with a photographer friend, do it. Whatever you do, refrain from provocative images – save it for the ‘gram, homie.

You can also take your own headshot using the best camera available and a solid color background. (Let someone else take the picture of you though, don’t play yourself with a selfie!) Use a service such as Fiverr to retouch the heck out of it for a cool $5 and LinkedIn recruiters will be none the wiser.

Create your own vanity URL

I don’t know your name, but I’d bet the house that it’s easier to remember and prettier sounding than “4he76d78e4”. Creating a custom LinkedIn URL with your name is super simple and a tiny detail that counts. When logged in, go to this page and you’ll see the option to change the URL on the right sidebar.

Write a memorable headline

Sure, you could put your job title as your headline and for many people that will be enough. But you can also use this space more creatively if you’d like. If you’re between jobs, you can make your headline more general e.g. “Inside Sales Professional.”

Use keywords throughout your profile

When recruiters are searching for potential talent, they use keywords to help them find potential candidates. For example, if they’re looking for a graphic designer with Photoshop and InDesign experience, they’re going to search for profiles that mention those tools. Be sure to use these keywords in your summary to make sure that your profile is optimized for recruiters. Check out these tips on how to optimize your profile for more ideas.

Ask for recommendations

Go the extra mile and kindly ask former managers and/or clients in your network to write a recommendation on your LinkedIn profile. Recommendations on your LinkedIn profile are a great way to signal your value to previous organizations to recruiters who are considering you for hire.

Invite people to join your LinkedIn network

Even if it’s a buttoned-up crowd, it’s still a social network after all. Invite people you know to connect with you on LinkedIn. A sizable network shows that you’re engaged within the professional community and also increases the likelihood of sharing 2nd and 3rd degree connections with employers you’re interested in. What you shouldn’t do is add people willy-nilly to your network on LinkedIn, though. That is considered poor form and kinda weird to be honest.

These are just a few of the tips that I wanted to highlight before sharing the full list of 74 tips via these excellent resource guides for your reference. Enjoy!

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*I only counted the 21 of these tips, since the remaining 14 apply to LinkedIn Business pages.

What are your thoughts on LinkedIn? Have you had success with the platform?

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