Put down that Magic 8-Ball! Find the answers to everything you need to know about The Job Monger here:

What is a Resume Revamp?

A Resume Revamp is a comprehensive resume makeover, including resume editing, writing and formatting. It’s all that and a bag of swag. Get all the details about the package here.

How much does the Resume Revamp cost?

The Resume Revamp is more than a document extolling your brilliance to the masses.

As the first impression you make to future employers, a quality resume is the difference between your file in the system and your foot in the door.

When you invest in your career through The Job Monger, you receive comprehensive resume writing, editing and design services as well as a support network during your job search and a fierce advocate for your professional success (yours truly), all for $129 or under.

What if my resume only needs light editing?

Before beginning services, I provide a free consultation and feedback of your current resume. If your resume is overall strong, you may qualify for a Resume Revamp Express, which is a discounted version of the Resume Revamp.

This is case-by-case since every resume is different and if your resume is eligible for this option, you’ll find out during the consultation.

Who is the target audience for The Job Monger and its services?

To borrow the name of a certain soap opera: The Young and the Restless. The Job Monger’s content and services are primarily geared towards Millennials (and Millennials-at-heart).

If you’re a college student or recent graduate with 0-5 years of experience, that’s the sweet spot for The Job Monger since the focus is on helping people land internships, entry-level and mid-level jobs.

That said, I’m capable of resume writing for higher professional levels but if you’re a C-Level executive with 30+ years of experience, I might give you my resume too while we’re at it, tbh.

How long will it take to receive my Resume Revamp?

The Job Monger will get back to you within 1-2 business days with initial feedback on your resume. Depending on your resume, further clarification may be requested so we can expound on how experienced and qualified you are in every way.

Once I’ve gotten all the requested feedback, you can expect your completed Resume Revamp within 3-5 business days. I always aim for faster!

Can I see an example of a Resume Revamp you’ve done?

You definitely can! You can even see the first Resume Revamp I’ve done (aka my own resume).

Do you have any reviews?

Yes! Here is a recent testimonial written by a recent client (who was a delight to work with, btw):

I was referred to Folake by a coworker who has known Folake for 10 years. I was a recent graduate from the University of California Berkeley and I was looking for “my first real job” out of college. I was explaining my frustration regarding the the current resources that are available to improve my resume. At UC Berkeley I had access to career resources but the resume feedback I always received was simply spelling mistakes OR I was told that I needed to cut it down but I was never given assistance or suggestions on how to do this. When my coworker told me about Folake, I was skeptical but given my frustration I figured I’d give it a try. 

I was immediately impressed my her professionalism and organization. She got to know me and she became familiar with my background, goals and my desired deadlines. I emailed Folake an extended and very detailed document that elaborated my experience. After her review, she asked me key questions that forced me to truly think about my role and how I should be explaining my experiences to potential employers. Folake condensed my resume to one page that is very easy and appealing to the eyes. I appreciated that Folake helped me prioritize and reframe my duties. She helped me find what was repetitive and worth removing as well as ensuring that all of my experiences highlighted my achievements.

She also introduced me to several platforms such as LinkedIn and BeVisible.soy AND she helped me set up my accounts. She then rewrote some of the content for the individual platforms. My favorite part of my experience working with Folake is the support I’ve received beyond completing the task at hand that I originally hired her to do. On numerous occasions, I have received resources and opportunities! It’s great because she is already familiar with my experience and skill set. She has exposed me to industries and roles I had not been exposed to and oriented me on how I could be a good fit and how it aligns with my previous experiences and future goals.

What if my resume is totally embarrassing?

Everyone has a starting point.

For the Resume Revamp, there’s no need to agonize over phrasing or formatting. That’s what I’m here for! As long as your resume contains basic contact information, education, skills and work experience as well as nice-to-haves such as extracurricular activities, awards and volunteering (if applicable), I can take it from there.

What if I want to update my resume after the Resume Revamp?

Your Resume Revamp is only the beginning of more great things to come in your career so it’s natural that you’d have things to add or remove from your resume over time.

You’ll receive the source file to make any direct changes as you wish. If there are updates you’d like to make within the first 7 days of receiving your Resume Revamp, I’ll happily revise.

How do refunds work?

I started The Job Monger to add meaningful value to others. Your trust is the cornerstone of The Job Monger and as such, your satisfaction is always my priority.

If you are anything less than thrilled with the outcome of your resume following a Resume Revamp, you don’t have a problem – we have a problem and I’m 100% committed to fixing it.

Though sales from services rendered are final, you can always reach out for unlimited revisions within the first 7 days of receiving your resume to make sure it’s exactly what you want.

Can you guarantee that I’ll get a job?

As fiercely as I rock a pair of harem pants, granting such wishes is still something only a genie could do (or a hiring manager). Landing a job depends on multiple factors, many of which I cannot control.

I can guarantee that a thoughtfully crafted resume is essential. It leads to more responses to applications, and hence more opportunities for interviews and, hopefully job offers (!).

I have a question that isn’t here. How do I get in touch?

I like questions! Send your questions over to info@thejobmonger.com and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Why don’t you spell resume with the accent marks?

Ooh, a contrarian grammarian. The accent marks are a matter of style and were jettisoned after much internal deliberation (looks too busy for my liking).

Not to worry – if you’re on The Job Monger, chances are you’re racking your brain about your curriculum vitae and can identify that borrowed word from the French with panache.